Wednesday, November 17, 2004

6:50 it was. yarwn.

how long more will tag board be spoilt? its lagging down all the blogs wif tag boards on them.

my guitar teacher needs a new van. gives me sea sickness when i ride in it lol. took abt 1/2h ride in the back of his van b4 we reached tampines jc. haha.. cars have to undergo 3 barricades b4 can get into the compound itself.. so mah fahn. go into the room and play for 1/2h, then leave. the recital was quite ok.. got the usual few slip ups budden managed to get thru.

took a bus to tampines mrt, then went to simei to meet mr simei. i'm like, the second person to visit his house, aft fattz. lolol. his house must say is veri nice, far nicer than mine. his room is 2 times the size of mine lolz. so nice. his mum oso veri nice. and it turns out he has 2 guitars in his room.. 1st one is some suzuki guitar, budden the second one is some high classish manuel rodriguez guitar. prob costs at least $300 and brendan doesnt noe it. it's missing a D string, so i transplant it from the suzuki to the rodriguez, and while tuning it snaps. yay. so both guitars got no D string. sorry brendan. go ur hse to break strings. hai.. well wad can i say.. its amazing ur strings still exist in their charcoaled state. hehe

wad is wrong wif me. can oso get stressed over guit exam. this time i'm NOT going to see doc. dun care liao.

anyway, have a safe trip mr simei, and wish me luck for my guitar exam on friday, if tag board ever gets repaired.


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