Tuesday, November 16, 2004

slept at 12 last nite. rolled arnd until abt 1am.

woke up at 8:30 this morning. bargh. take the usual 1h bus ride to AMK for guit lesson. ok larh. come back keep on telling myself nt to sleep. and... blah. slept from 2 - 4. wad is my prob lorh.

tml mus wake up at 6:50 O.O jus to go to AMK again -.- to meet my guit teacher hu will kindly ferry me and the pro sec 1 guy to Tampines JC to do a recital (short performance). 6:50. hai.

i dun travel a lot so i have no idea what sg is like beyond town. i was like.. check the street directory. jus then i realised that the stop aft tampines is pasir ris 0.0 after mr sImEi. shall i go and visit u? lolol. well, at least i'll get to see the environment mr simei stays in. and get to experience wad he goes thru everytime he goes home from sch.

yeah.. tts abt all. i think sec 4s are resuming Os tml, so, gd luck and God Bless!!


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