Saturday, November 13, 2004


went out wif family as any saturday. haha.. but this is prob the first nite in the year that we had fast food tog as a family.. bk. hahahaha. aft that went shopping for my sister's clothes. but i oso wanted to buy. isetan is like... way too eX.. and the brands are O.o

aft that went far east plaza.
dunno y, but that place jus spooks me out. ok heres when u get to hear me talk abt something other than guitar for once. fashion. i'm still the guai boi type lah u see. i have like... 10 shirts in my cupboard and the most expensive t-shirt being $26. (ehh, better than last time, when i onli had 3) i'm also veri picky abt wad i want to wear, so that ends up limiting wad i wear. far east is like... some ah beng palace or smth, got tattoo parlour even. if u noe me i strive to be veri pure one, so i go looking at all the designs on the shirts one by one.

jus cant find anything. i mean, hu prints musical t-shirts?!? even so, the prices there are like 0.0 (to my parents and to me now)

hmm, well u have to understand wad makes up my character. my mom is a veri conservative person, and my father... erm... ... ... i'm also the oldest of the cousins on my mom's side, and i refuse to copy my cousin's style, altho hes quite fun haha.

even so, bought a new converse wallet for $18.90 (o.O)

materialism, materialism, materialism.

yeah... here's a small glimpse of my sad life. lol. cya!! oh, and A and O pple, study hard!!


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