Thursday, November 18, 2004

tml is D day. i shudnt do this sorta thing lorh. itz onli a grd 6 theory exam. overstressing myself the week b4 isnt gd. learnt from too many past experiences. achoo. well, heres the progress on guitar preps.

1. pieces shud be ok, but i peaked sometime like.. 4 months ago.
2. scales and arpeggios... erm... they onli have 12 boxes there to 'write ur prepared scales and arpeggios', but i'm not sure if they will test onli the simple stuff i wrote down there or if they will test the full range of all 19.
3. sight reading. i'll try to keep my mind as blank as possible, so that when input comes hopefully the output will sound okay.
4. aural. hohoho. i did my first practice today. shud be ok larh.. i mean.. i done smth like it in grd 4 or 5 piano when i was preparing for it back then. seems pretty ok, altho i'm basing all my confidence on 1 practice. O.o
5. performance from memory. i'm playing all my pieces from memory. always have.

yeah. hoping for merit.

today my tuition teacher came to 'check answer' for the O lvl chinese. 1st section, 2/10. 2nd section 3/5. 3rd section 9/15. 4th section 3/10. things are looking bleak. well, its a B3 i guess. lolol.

my first comment on sg idol.
i have not always been a consistent follower of sg idol and i do not show open support for anybody, but i want sylvester to win. over the years i have become a 'feeling' person, instead of a 'statistical' person. taufik being the best singer, but i... choose to differ. i agree that olinda is a gd singer too.

but i support sly. heheh. he jus.. represents singapore. his personality, mistakes, pronunciation errors, his smile, his hair, yeah. it's jus so sg and so cool. aft today's show.. erm.. ah beng and ah lian fan base puts him (and brendan's hope to hear abt his performance at finals) in quite a bleak position.

even so.. i nvr voted lol. shall i vote for the first time in my life? hahahaha.. see how. anywayz, i got a new board from a different brand other than tag, so feel free to use it. tml is last day of exam for O lvl pple, so once again, gd luck and God Bless!!


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