Sunday, November 28, 2004

i like quoting pples blogs.

today my victim shall be: .....

teoh yd: "heyy. sorry for the deadness in here."

i agree.. hols are jus so sian.. but fun too!! lolol. self contradictory.

this is the time in the hols that everybody is jus going overseas and going for camps and leaving an incomplete grp behind... so difficult to organise outings. so jus stay home and prac guitar.

but somehow these few days i've been quite bz.. attending a 2 day course on fri, sat.. and then today got 1 guitar performance at Bishan. had to lug that thing around in the rain. the performance was pretty ok.. but i wasnt used to the 'stage' sorta performance. 1)its freezing 2)the lights on stage too dim -.- 3)nervous 4) my teacher reversed the order of my 2 pieces, so i ended up playing a drop D piece first. when i tuned back i noticed the E string was a bit flat... lolol.

lalala.. wad else is there to talk abt =x


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