Monday, November 15, 2004

jus finished learning and memorising all the grade 6 scales and arpeggios. ouch.

today was one of the more fun days of the hols. dis morning bren, yd, and david marc came over. play ping pong. nahahaha. so fun. aft that came up strum strum and then david mac had to leave. aft that slack arnd, then go clementi to eat macs. hahaha.. sorry yd. then i wanted to go to jurong east to collect my jeans i bought ytd. then they came along. walk up to the ice skating ring on 3rd floor (cos dint noe there was one) then slack slack around the winter wear shop, walked to the closed library, hear yd's sick joke, then poor brendan has to take the 1h trip home (haha SiMeI) whereas my stop is jus clementi and yd's is CCK, 4 stops.

hmm.. aft this quite difficult to organise stuff liao, cos everybody going overseas and stuffs. brendan is leaving on thursday and coming back on Dec 2. HAHAHA u going to miss sg idol finals brendan. lolol. nvm i'm supporting sly too. i'll tell u how his performance was like when u get back k? :p:p:p

my youth camp is 1 - 4 dec. cant wait for it!! hahaha.


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