Wednesday, November 03, 2004

hello again.. blogs are dying all around me.. sigh. this blog definitely needs a makeover.. but i jus cant seem to pull myself to do it. maybe its the halo. hmm... i wonder how many of my links actually work.. haha.

hmm.. ok.. today my cousin came over to play. me and him quite close.. so he came to play table tennis, play cards, talk, play some suicidal halo.. yeah. haha. choose legendary and jus chiong into battle. dead within a minute.

haiz.. the days now are jus filled wif halo and guitar, halo and guitar, and guitar, and guitar. tts y got nothing to talk abt.. unless u wanna hear abt my hair...

it seems that everytime i change my character i want to change my hair. heres the timeline.

Baby years: cute hair!!
Lower Primary: a mass.
Upper Primary: side parting appears. in my opinion, it grows nerdier year by year
Sec 2: side parting disappears
Sec 3 july: plucked up a big deal of courage and walk in and say: "jian 'spiky'"
Sec 3 november to present day: argh my hair is realli getting frizzy.. using up too much shampoo. better cut.

Today:plucked up another big deal of courage. have u ever heard somebody walk into a barber shop and say: "i want to keep my hair long" ? now u have. lol. so she cut for me the 'chang fa xing'. looks ok i guess. in my opinion, its the cutest hair i've had since babyhood. hehe.

yeah.. tts all.. when are u all free for tennis?


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