Monday, April 18, 2005

ok larh.. so maybe my solo wasnt as gd as it was supposed to be.

anywayas, i think the performance was quite okay.. based on the fact that we dint even rehearse walking in and walking out (last time we practiced like.. siao.) the pieces were quite ok, altho a bit speedy cos of nervous wrecking. some wrong notes here some wrong notes there.. but generally ok. my solo was audible for once. or for the first part at least. my left hand sorta got tangled up with the 2nd part so u all cudnt hear anything lolz.

i dunno man.. kancheong so much last nite.. jus to wake up this morning too tired to be kancheong anymore. haha.. i dunno abt syf day lah.

anyways, tts abt it i guess. cya.


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