Thursday, April 28, 2005

im so glad its over.. arent u?

St Hilda's - Bronze
Anglo Chinese School (Independent) - Gold
Yu Ying Secondary - Silver
CHIJ Toa Payoh - Gold
Chung Cheng - Gold
St Anthony's Canossian - Silver
CHIJ St Theresa's Convent - Silver
RI - i wonder
RGS - Gold
Payar Lebar MGS - Silver
Anglican High - Gold
Woodlands Secondary - Silver
Dunman Secondary - Silver
Hougang Secondary - Silver
Junyuan Secondary - Silver
CHIJ St Joseph's convent - Bronze (jus a bit short of COP)

hmm.. its a pity we dint get to see tt many gd performances.. cos we came in during st anthony's or st theresa's.. dint get to see chungcheng. the onli performance i realli think was nt bad was rg. after anglican, listening to the performances was roadkill lah. cant remember which sch played a mutilated malaguena and the last sch.. OH MAN!!!! they werent playing guitar.. they were.. doing bass popping for every single note!!!!!! LOL. every single note involves pulling the string up and hitting against the fretboard making a 'tuck' sound. HAHA me and dunhao were laffing non stop.

well.. so tt makes 6 golds, 8 silvers and 2 bronzes (or rather 1 bronze 1 COPper). everyone was rather sore.. cos the judges dint give out gold with honours. and all along our conductor had been telling us tt 'we play this kind of pieces and dun get gold wif honours ar...' yea.. well wad to do.. hmm maybe we wud get a holiday.. 4 golds and 2 gwh.. haha. anyway, im like.. super tired now. syf is tiring. i think i'll go sleep now


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