Saturday, April 09, 2005

bargh. i jus typed a 600 word entry and it got DELETED.

anyway in summary of wad i jus wrote.. these 2 days have been kinda messed up.. nvr sleep enuf.. then also kena demoralised by my guitar teacher saying the sec 2 guy can play better than me.. and all tt stuff yeah. nt the first time.. ive been told liek.. every other wk by him tt i need to work much harder if i wan to do guit in uni.

realli having 2nd thots abt guit now... realli dunno if guit is for me.. maybe i'd be better off as an engineer.. make cars, or smth.. or maybe an insurance agent like my father.....

anyway.. today during combined my section was being tested cos we cudnt play a bar of running notes.. so individual testing.. everybody play once. then the conductor called on the sec 2 guy to play and somehow he jus cudnt. nt uncommon lah. then jus now he messaged me abt how he cudnt play and tt everybody expect so much of him. of cos at first i gave him some sarcastic reply wif 'its official, you are a better player than me' and got a vulgarity reply. lol. but aft tt i did message him back to tell him tt these sorta htings happen and teh usual comforting stuff like.. ive screwed up too and yah.

been doing the purpose driven life lately.. and we shudnt be chasing after things such as money, status, and stuff like that.. we shud be working on relationships and things tt are eternal. so, how well i play the guitar doesnt realli matter.. its onli for this life. wads impt is tt i build up relationships, which are eternal.

ok. cya.


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