Sunday, April 17, 2005

Choir: Gold.
Band: Gold with Honours, top 3 bands.
CPAC: GoLd WiTh HoNoUrS!??.. woot.

i dun want to mention the amt of work. okay im almost done wif OC even tho i cant remember nuts, bu ttheres still a maths and physics and blah. i want to fly away. whee. halo started so fun.. but my mom stopped me.

sometimes i jus wish the world wud slow down.. its so.. stressful. everybody is jus doing SOMETHING. i seem to be lagging behind the world.. caught up in my own world of thought. tts y i jus cant wait for the hols. sch isnt realli tt bad.. it jus.. takes everybody's time away.....

tml is guitar presentation for chapel.. even if we play like crap i guarantee u all a reasonable solo.



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