Tuesday, April 12, 2005

hey again.

these 2 days of sch hav been quite ok.. managed to finish work and all yupz. haha.. lately oso found out that i get so easily statically charged!! LOL. its quite simple to get urself charged.. but shant tell u all the secret here haha.. wan mus come and ask me but i told quite a few pple liao. haha.. but i gotta stop this soon.. its getting realli retarded touching pple to make them feel like they've been poked by needles. cheap thrills. double edged sword too.. if u static somebody u urself oso kena.. and im getting a bit scared of the feeling already.

lol.. im seroiusly uttering nosnesen tonite. anyways, tml is band syf. gd luck to them. with some grace they will bring back the first honours.

yeapz.. cya


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