Saturday, April 23, 2005

5 days. syf is depriving me of solo guitar practice. mann. my sight reading is prob like sai now.

i dun realli noe abt pressure.. but syf still feels 2 weeks away... maybe cos i haven psyche myself yet, maybe becos theres so much hw, or maybe cos my uniform is still screwed up and will be screwed up when i go for syf. yup. speaking of work..... lol. dun wanna. i feel like ive been doing a lot of work.. 2h of maths jus now.. but dint even manage to get barely halfway.. then tried a bit of physics and decided my mind cant work no more.

haha.. i got a sudden spur to do work after a gd night's rest last nite (but still woke up feeling like crap) and a 2.5h nap from 11:30 - 2. hahah. weekends are fun for sleeping.

yeah.. i guess tts abt it lor.. syf means ponning chem on tuesday and ponning half of recess and chinese on wednesday.. and thursday jus come back for lab and tts abt it hahah. tts all.. cya.


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