Friday, April 29, 2005

hmm.. i havent realli gotten over ytd yet.. today i shall write abt my feelings.

i think wad realli made me the most sad is seeing everybody else sad. i mean.. dun hao sad, jun jie sad, timmy sad, even ms ng sad.. ricky disappointed, chinleong pissed.. the core pple were so disappointed.. i mean.. i wanted to tell them tt gold is still gd and all.. but at tt moment.. haiz. i mean we seriously worked SO hard. even pple hu u expect to be slacking were giving their 100%.. like chin leong. so when the result came.. it was hard lah. we were seriously expecting gwh.

hmm.. this is the first time in my life im feeling so disappointed.. everything else was like.. dun care.. performance screw up dun care.. last syf dun realli care either.. got gold and we were overjoyed (cos tt was the highest possible award at tt time). but this time we were expecting so much more. this yr ACSGO is also at its peak of technical ability in the 4 yrs ive been in it.

hm.. now everybody is jus basically collapsing into exam mood... waiting for it to be over so tt pracs can resume..

so now.. i noe wad it feels like to be.. 'losers'.. or rather under achievers. important episode in life. shall now go turn on my electric piano for first time in 2 wks.


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