Tuesday, April 05, 2005

aha. finally have something to blog abt today.

the sch days have been quite tiring.. due to the fact tt i've been having terrible sleep patterns over the past few days. still have yet to do lots of maths hw which im nt even certain of the due dates.

anyways, down to the main subject. i usually go to gramercy for my theory lessons, and a bit of piano. but today my teacher decided to introduce me to another teacher hu teaches guitar there.. he's an architect turned guitarist on the verge of retiring. anyways, all teachers hav their own character traits. this guy is.. like a coffeeshop uncle hu teaches guitar.. mix of chinese and english lolol. and the guitar he gave me to play was some bogus old guitar wif action like.. almost half a cm at the 12th fret la.. super hard to press. anyway, i played capricho.. the piece i played for masterclass for him. he say my left hand fingers too much movement (yeah lah.. every guitarist struggles wif tt rite?)

and right hand fingers too far apart. ok tts a new theory. he says liddat my tone on different fingers wud be different. has truth to some extent lah. but i look at his right hand fingers when he plays looks like a clenched up fist.. hmm. gonna report this to mr choo on thursday haha. quite cool when u see wad other teachers are offering their students. i've also learnt that u cant please everybody. so pls urself!! haha. when he was toking to me i look like im realli paying attention and like im so eager to try it at home.. but to me its just another opinion. anyway.. he doesnt realli have that captivating factor some guitar teachers have. mr liu. maybe its the guitar. heheh.

okok.. i guess tts abt it.. time to go do c maths or smth.


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