Wednesday, April 13, 2005

choir gold. band gold WITH HONOURS. congrats to moley, yingda, jerel, and the band.

i realli realli realli hope the guitar orchestra is feeling the pressure. there is an obvious pattern here. last yr silver become gold. last yr gold become honours. hmm. i dunno.. but i feel like ACSGO is going to lose its happy-go-lucky-anyhow-whack-and-still-can-get-gold character. i realli dunno.. onli time will tell. 2 wks. i need to change strings.

rugby finals was a washout man. take 166 for 45 mins all the way there onli to rain. quite disappointing, but its postponed to supposedly tml so i dun need to go. heheh.

yeap tts abt it.. once again congrats to the band.


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