Monday, January 31, 2005

happy birthday to me!!!

thx to all hu remembered my birthday!! thx for all ur well wishes!!!

hahaha.. today in sch was real fun man!!! got some big bday bash. i think our class is starting to get more fun liao haha. all those hus bdays have yet to come.. beware!! hahaha. dun worri david... we'll give it to u on the last day of sch hopefully lolz.

wah my toilet forever got smth wrong one.. first flushing system.. then doorknob.. then now...... punctured shower hose. walao. i starting to bathe tt time then wondering y pressure so low.. then feel water spurting out from somewhere else... turns out the internal hose burst.. shower hoses got 2 layers. 1 internal 1 exterior. so i tried to tighten the exterior metal casing, but water still come out. lololol.

kay.. i sick now.. dunno whether shud ponn sch tml.. kk cya all!!!


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