Friday, January 07, 2005

the weekend is HEREEE!!!!

we work so hard during the 5 day wk man. all for 1 more day to slack. we complain all the way from monday to friday that we shud might as well have sat as 1/2 day. but when sat comes we can realli enjoy it man.

this wk has been quite okay i guess... full blown sch hasnt realli hit tt hard yet.. but i feeling quite an impact already. monday: woohoo sch started -.- tuesday: argh tired wed: argh even more tired thurs: arGH.. tired. fri: i dun wanna wake up.

over these past few days, met all our new teachers. most amusing of all is obviously Venu Rao!!! lolol. hes a realli gd teacher, cos 'maths is not abt the accent', but we cant help noticing it dude. HAHAHA. a limit is the fArThEsT point... lolol. but hes a realli gd teacher.. when i'm copying the qn he wrote on the board, hes finished solving it already. a self proclaimed genius indeed. ('i have many years of experience...' LOL)

yea.. the rest of our new teachers nt veri amusing... guess we stuck wif them for 1 year lor... worst is chinese. cant wait for my suck results to come out in march... then i can drop. heh.

anyways, wish u all a nice wk end. hope i have a nice wkend too. kk cya!!!


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