Tuesday, January 25, 2005

hi.. its me again.

today was another rough day.. it all started at chinese period, followed by a mass number of boring periods. even doing theory hw during free geog was more fun. anyways, today came back and napped (again) and went for music class... got back theory grade 6 results.. got 82!! which is a 2 mark scrape into a merit. honestly was hoping for at least a near miss of a distinction but nvm i passed, can move on.

jus now was toking wif my mom.. i realli dunno if i shud pursue music as a career... its realli a veri veri tough decision. right now my guitar aint progressing much.. cos got so little time. wonder if i shud do it for leisure instead... and now i also want to go and relearn piano... throughout the 10 years the piano existed in my hse i dint realise its impt until the 5 months it dint exist. well my mom says tt getting the piano aint a prob.. its a matter if i will practice again. will i? i mean.. the piano was sitting there for so long waiting to be practised on... wad abt now..... need to think this over. Lord pls guide me.


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