Saturday, January 15, 2005

went for guit lesson today in the morn. haiz.. every lesson i get more and more demoralised.. i starting to feel that sight reading is a gift.. its either u have it or u dun (i most probably dun).

aft tt was more fun.. went to plaza sing to buy an inflatable pillow for malaysia trip nxt wk (btw, i will be gone on 17 - 20... some camp in the jungles of Kluang). first tried carrefour on advice of my fren.. turns out he was referring to the suntec one.. so i look arnd. luckily theres a sports connection there.. the guy there hu served me was veri funny.. at first he looked veri calm.. getting change and all.. then all of a sudden he starts to explain the inflatable pillow concept to me.. abt how u shud hold the nozzle while u blow, and how pple have burst pillows and gone back to him to fix (it costs $4). lolol. was laffing after tt.

i dint noe my moms trolley luggage bag was so small.. i mean.. i only want to pack in:
1 sleeping bag
6 t-shirts
5 pants
1 towel
all encased in plastic bags

and one bag wif 2 shirts and 2 pants tt i dun intend to wear unless the tent gets flooded so badly tt i have no dry clothes.

at this point, the bag is already full

i still intend to squeeze in toiletries and my shoes. how man. lol.


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