Wednesday, January 05, 2005

everyday i notice i waking up in the morning more and more tired. and it also seems that the 1st few days of a new sch term i always veri hardworking one. see how long it lasts lol.

today i dunno wad happened man. it all started wif my file. it went missing and i thot i left it in the library or smth. turns out it was on kevin's desk. next i cant find my foolscap pad. it turns out i put it into my locker by accident. but if i put my foolscap pad into my locker, where did my A maths A4 exercise bk go? haiz. still looking.

it's the 3rd day and i starting to feel sad liao. it was all after 5:30 when moley (no offence) called me and told me tt i was supposed to show up at mep class today. b4 tt shau ching told me mep for us was going to be on friday for us, followed by guitar at 5 - 7 aft that. i was delighted lah cos mep clashes wif UYO, and all the stuff is all on 1 day. but now mep class is supposedly on weds, so.... friday mus go St john's!??! tts the last thing i want. its like some goof ball wif no post going for training to listen to ur own peers command u arnd.

trials dark on every hand
and we cannot understand
all the ways that God will lead us
to that blessed promised land.
But He'll guide us with his eye
and we follow till we die
we will understand it better by and by.

yeah...tts basically my inspiration, just try to live life day by day. tml. tml theres normal lessons, guitar prac 3 - 6, no serious hw due yet, and maybe even performance for sec 1 oreintation. its a gd day isnt it? so i shall enjoy it.


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