Monday, January 24, 2005

ergh. today i jus dun feel right.. i think its prob cos i too tired. almost puked over brendan during chapel :P i jus feel.. so sian about sch.

sch finishes at 2:40. reach home 3:15. lunch till 3:30 and nap till 5:30. tuition from 7 - 8. then left wad.. 2h to do work and relax. well i guess tts life.

i decided my guitar life needed a bit of spice.. cos everything is getting too boring. its jus the same boring classical songs.. guitar playing needs one veri nice piece that motivates u to prac more.. so today i decided to start learning Asturias!! i think some of u all cud have heard it b4.. jus dunno wad its called. b4 asturias there was.. Sevilla.. really magical piece... but it was so difficult that the magic could not be brought out by me haha.. so those type of pieces i jus shove aside for now.

yeah.. i guess tts all.. another mass toking cock session from me.. iso and a maths awaits.. cant wait for wkend (or even 1 solid hour of rest). cyaz.


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