Tuesday, January 11, 2005

my life is too eventful man. dunno if tt is gd or bad.

everything is happening so fast... ytd i had private guit and chinese tuition aft sch, then in evening went to make my new specs and 'fix' my current one that is still veri screwed up.

in my opinion, the 5 day wk is realli making everybody cranky. even the bus drivers... today i experienced 2 terrible double-decker bus drivers... the 74 bus driver jammed the break 3m from the traffic light... i almost fell down lol. the 165 bus i took jus now back from holland v oso liddat... uneven acceleration.. pple walk can fall down one noe... shud write in to SBS. oh and the 165 i took.. i noticed it was a heart bus.. then i looked at the donors... henry park?!? my primary school?!? lololol.

even more out of point stuff happens man.. when i was at HV looking for mark's photo frame, i saw lydia yap. *whut?!? lolz. weird things.

tml is party for mark.. jus hope he does well in australia... haha. i think hes definitely learnt a lot from us acs pple. gd luck to mark, altho he'll probably nvr come to this blog.


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