Saturday, January 08, 2005

today was one weird day man. after u almost work until u die for 5 days, suddenly u have 1 whole day to feel bored.

woke up at 10:40. lol. vast difference from the usual 6am. today was quite fun lah.. jus stay home and did wad i usually did during hols. tv, guitar (altho my fingers were still crammed up from past 2 days 4h of practice) and com. jus now went clementi to eat dinner and get my watch fixed. haha i dint noe it wud take so long... was also hoping to check my eyesight, buy t-shirts... and take so much money too. battery $6 okay lah can last for 1 year. strap... city chain sells for $18. i thot too ex so went to one of those smaller ulu shops. the guy there tells me $8. so i say okay. when its done he collects the money, and says its $18 dollars. lol. i onli heard the ba of the shiba quai. so i change it to a cheaper (uglier) $12 one.. so paiseh rite. but still so ex. the $14 i spent can buy a pirated pasar malam watch.

also found out today that the song True by Ryan Cabrera cannot be played by 1 solo guitarist wif all those string mutes. i tried it on my guitar... it takes a lot of force to make the sound of the string slaps. tt means got 2 guitars playing. so disappointing. its a nice song. but unfortunately my voice is also not made for pop music.. register too low. hai.. wish i cud sing higher lol.

yea.. tts abt it.. jus finished a terrible attempt on myself in chinese. tts abt all the hw i have.. so tml is free. cya pple.


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