Saturday, January 22, 2005

well.. i guess i owe everybody an entry, yeah?

i currently in writing mood now.. jus wrote 500 words on competition in singapore schools... making me depressed... and at the same time listening to ryan cabrera.. enhances the melancholy haha.

i think i jus want to write out the camp programme wif my additional thots, jus like how i shared wif my church frens at chalet ytd (it rawked!!)

anyway here goes.

its pissing lah.. right from the first activity. pitch until nice nice.. then amir comes along and tells us tt 'ur tents are nt near enuf to each other' and indicates somewhere in his message tt he wants us to repitch them closer. forgot sunblock for first activity.. so by then my neck was chao tah. but wad can we learn.. 1 person definitely cannot pitch the tent rite... needs teamwork :P

'No talking, no torchlights'. at first a bit scary lah. then i thought of 1 of teh verses of psalm 23.. 'yea tho i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, i fear no evil, for Thou art wif me..' aft tt nt so bad liaoz.. then i thought abt the song this is my Father's world.

This is my Father's world
and to my listening ears
all nature sings and round me rings
the music of the spheres.

and also the part in the rustling grass i hear Him pass.. this made me realised that God is everywhere in our lives... even right now when u sit in front of the com and read my blog.

Going up is easy man. coming down for tall pple is.. siao. i slipped abt 5 times (haha sorry qiang.. scared u so much) and twisted my arm twice to prevent myself falling. but fotunately we all escaped wif brown shorts and few scratches, as well as hamstring and thigh crams. poor david and lui. this activity is also abt teamwork... need to support each other as we go up mountain.

how fun is this man... i'm actually driving my own boat!!!! woohoo!!!! the wind is nice. and the water is... more or less cleaner than the sewage. apart from few minor scratches.. was so fun. i was leader for 2nd half.. was quite okay.. made up some crap story for our SOS preparations. then the anthony actually believed melolz. anyway, i think this activity is one of the few times i helped brendan more than he helped me... he couldnt turn the boat for nuts (actually at first was both of us cock lah..) so i helped him after i learned.. supposed to paddle on the opposite side and jam on the side u wan to turn. haha.. its okie brendan.

well well well. this has got to be one of the most joker activities ever lah. our grp wanted to try new stuff and make a funny shaped raft. i mean.. even i looked at our raft and thought that T shape was the perfect design according to physics. go in only muthu sit on top and it crumbles. HAHAHA. and we push it right across teh brown water wif sludgey muddy riverbed. after that splash arnd and kena lectured by see teck hock abt my puny cut on my toe.. then take the seriously needed bath. oh yeah.. and the pond water screwy one lor.. my upper body can be warm while my lower is cold... rumoured: warm areas got more bacterial activity.

everything went siao lor i think hahaha. but at least our class managed to put up an item even tho it was so diu lian. hope its the start of a synergised year.

1) toilets. no comment.
2) sleeping in tents. needs serious tolerance man. even i was getting pissed by the last nite.
3) food. okay lah. after 3 days of nasi briyani, zinger meal rox.
4) mosquito bites. the last of my concerns.
5) Zane. hes so nice guy. i think hes wad i will remember most abt the camp. hes some psychologist expert.. and consellor at his church. within 3 days, can learn enuf abt u to freak u out by telling u abt ur character (and even the reasons for ur frenships :P) and the thing i remember him telling us that u cant get a taste of heaven wifout going thru hell on earth first. so wadeva u do mus have fun.

wah write for veri long liao.. erm... anyways, i think this camp has changed me, for better or for worst. i can tell that i have definitely become lamer. other than tt.. leave ya all to find out for urselves. back to LA. cya pple.


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