Monday, December 27, 2004

hai. dint take a pic of my hair to archive on my blog. so sad. its going to become short again tml at approx 1pm.

it's been a week after teh toilet incident.. but i still have phobia of enclosed spaces.. the door wasnt lock.. the doorknob broke....

this wk is practically gone for me.. today was the last day of lazing arnd and guitar-com-halo-tv. at least i finished my mep homework (terribly) so taht i dun have to get scolding when i go back to sch. heheh. the nxt few days is filled wif guit prac. so sad. i shud bring my scores there to practice. go there nth to do one.. onli waste ur finger strength and time... (cannot let ms ng read this.. lol). i mean... hu wudnt be sad if they had to go back to sch during the LAST wk of hols.

iso is still pending. i hope lit reviews are included in the word count.


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