Sunday, December 12, 2004

phew!! tired after a long Sunday.

ytd i jus changed my electric guitar strings.. i'm such a noob man. the strings they give exceed the needed length by abt 10cm.. so mus cut off.. i think i damaged 2 nailclippers badly by doing that lol. then i so pro.. the 'B' string poked into my finger when i was not careful. ouch. and when u buy a cheap cheap electric guitar, the features also cheap cheap. the 'D' peg i turn until i almost kena blister cos the peg got jammed up bad. ouch again.

ytd evening oso watched sg idol encore. SLY shud have won i tell u... i thot he performed very very badly or smth.. how can onli get 38% of votes?!? ok maybe it's my life was a bit overscreamed.. but the other 2 songs owned taufik's man.

i jus finished 8 more bars of my mep compo jus now... took me 2h... a lot of hard work man. but fun for me too... first time i'm using the blues scale i jus learnt to compose smth.. :P

yea... tts abt all.. cya guys!!


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