Friday, December 10, 2004

retarded outing

man today i went on the most RETARDED (:p) outing wif bren and yingda. be patient and u'll find out how retarded it was.

2:30pm. meet at cineleisure. turns out bowling is CLOSED. nth to do.. so walk to plaza singapura. buy guitar strings, then i call my father to ask where the nearest bowling alley is. "Marina Square" my father says.

it's closed.

at least the taxi stand is nt closed.. so we take yingda's option: Great World City. (actually i had this feeling that there was no alley there but we took a taxi there anyway). hohoho. no alley. sigh. eat dinner at kfc then go shopping.

at 5:30 yingda wants to walk to funan IT mall. when we are outside we encounter this building that has "Starbowl" written across the top of it. we go in to investigate.

lo and behold.....
it's a bowlign alley.
but prices are rip off. $3.30 for a game. retarded. then i had to leave soon, so blah.

nvm.. theres a happy ending to this story. nxt wed we are trying again. 2:30 meet at jurong east mrt. yingdas taking us to chevrons (dunno where that is) huever wants to come pls call us.


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