Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yay!! i'm back home. youth camp was a blast.. but i'm so glad i'm home again.

after not having a bed and warm water for 4 days 3 nites, it feels gd when you come into contact wif those things.

i jus woke up after a 5h nap, and my head is still throbbing.. later i'll go to sleep again until the next morning.

this youth camp i feel might not have been the best ever, but somehow it has rebonded the youth again after 6 months. i think you might want to noe wad we did there lah... so heres it in a nutshell:

Day 1:
nothing much, jus icebreakers, and missed sg idol

Day 2:
Morning: prayer walk
Afternoon: 'not so' AMAZING RACE.. wah i tell you ar.. our first clue took us 1.5h out of the 3h alotted.. and there were 6 clues -.-

Day 3:
Afternoon: Water games. fine. i cant stick my head into a bucket and bite an apple floating in the water.. happy?
Evening: Skit.. even tho there was a lot of time constraint, everybody still managed to put up smth in the end. and i also learned that the older you get, the more retarded you become.. lolol.
Night (or shud i say morning of day 4): nite tour. went to pasir ris park to play another saddist game.. walk around the whole park looking for clues.. the size of a 5cm x 5cm paper. LOL. our i/c got so tired of walking arnd wif us that she jus told us where the clues were.
after that we went to East Coast Food Village to eat.
come back to church, start playing those retard games again... play until my reaction speed become like snail.. cannot respond fast enuf already. hahahaha.
6:30 go to sleep

Day 4:
8:45 wake up
camp wrap up and go home.

hurray.. this camp was a great success. now the rest of the hols is realli gonna be fun.. haha

but for now, its time to eat dinner and then crawl into my warm bed again. cya.


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