Thursday, December 23, 2004

today 2 things happened which demonstrates that God has control over everything. God has control over your car, and your toilet door lock. lets tok abt the funnier one first.

in short, i got LOCKED in my TOILET. i mean like.. how retarded is that?!? hahaha.

let u finish laffing first.

okay heres how it goes. i take a bath 1/2h b4 going to music class. (i shud be there now). i come out, get dressed, unlock the door and... turn the knob but the catch doesnt move out of the slot. BLAH. after i make sure i'm completely dressed, i scream in max volume for my mom (thank God she's around). she then tries the key to the toilet but obviously it doesnt work. so call locksmith from yellow pages. so i grab my clothes basket, turn it upside down and sit on it.

after 20 mins he arrives, wif hammers, screwdrivers and all. hammers the old knob away and... FREEDOM!!! hmm.. but in that short 30 mins in the toilet, i realised that God was like.. calling me to wake up. calling to me to realise that he is in control of everything. we shud not always go to him in prayer only when we need him, as many of us including myself are guilty of. being locked in a toilet means NOTHING to do. i mean.. if i'm locked in my room at least i have my guitars and xmas cards to write. but in the toilet? i jus like.. brushed my teeth then sat there.

HAHAHA. still laffing.

but on a more sad note, i saw a car accident right outside my condo happening. i mean, in com games crashing arnd in a car seems funny, but when u see it happening in real life it is SO NOT. it was realli a horrible sight, as i looked up when i heard the first crash. the car had hit a lamp post and then it skidded onto the grass. then i heard the crash of metal. i mean.. its realli LOUD. nt farnie. the thoughts that run thru ur head is not 'haha'. its whether the guy is safe or not. luckily the car did not hit any pedestrians or pple at the bus stop, and there were security guards there to help the driver and call an ambulance. so, be it ur car controls or ur toilet doorknob, God is in control.


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