Monday, December 20, 2004

the days are flying by...

ytd i changed my guit strings.. this brand of strings called D'Aquisto... cost me $7. it claims to have medium hard tension.. but it still feels like normal. the strings buzzes here and there, but its relatively loud for 7 bucks.

after playing on my antonio sanchez for a few months now.. i discovered one of its few defects. theres buzzing on the 15th - 16th fret, 1st string. *shakes head. this is going to be my guitar for nearly half my life. lol. but doesnt matter.. can be countered by playing the 1st string closer to the bridge.

i realli want to enjoy the remainder of whats left of the holidays.. i want to go out somemore.. or play tennis man. i worked hard for this holiday.. endured 10 months of studying (hard).

haha.. zq is currently telling me abt his adventure in japan.. hahaha. veri amusing.

kk cya guys!!


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