Wednesday, December 22, 2004

well... by now if i say i havent started iso i wud be an idiot rite...

i started out last wk wif a 300 word intro, expanded from the 3 line 'aims and objectives'.

then i was stuck.

ytd i decided to copy all the lit reviews and paste them into the report. my word count boosted to 1500. i was so happy that i dint do anymore iso for the rest of the day.

so here i am, wed morning, stuck.

at this point in time, i still dunno how worried i shud be.. my survey forms are probably onli 20% done.. and the interview... wad interview?!? die lah.

ytd i saw on the scrolling channelnewsasia newsbar thingy that Thai Airways fined for advertising incorrect info or smth. this supports my study!!!! yay. the prob is that it was jus scrolling across the tv... i need a report in paper...

theres still otehr work to go.. chinese, and mep. maybe i'll do mep now. angry at iso.


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