Saturday, December 18, 2004

lalala.. at my father's office now.. he checking smth so i using com.. but apparently i nothing to blog abt haha.

these 2 days jus stayed at home and alternated btwn the usual 3... guit, tv, com... jus slacking. school reopens nt too far down the road onli.. and i still barely touched any of my homework. well, at least variation 1 of my mep compo is done, left 1 more var in order nt to get scolded. chinese hw... bah... jus need somebody to lend me their hse com so that i can copy and paste some nonsense from the net into my project.

the last piece of homework i shall not mention for the mental health of pre ib pple like myself.

sian.. dunno hus com this realli is.. windows messenger crashed jus a while ago b4 i could sign in hahaha. the keyboard feels ok but the space bar a bit stiff. SIAN!! LOL.

kk shall nt bore u anymore.. cya


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