Thursday, December 16, 2004

phew.. these days went out so much that had no time to update haha.

monday went sentosa wif church frens, now i'm badly sunburnt on my face, kena scolding from my mom hahahaha. oh and my budget was like... $5 on monday cos i forgot to ask my mom for marney.. but exceeded it by $1... i mean.. take bus there already $3 hahaha.

tuesday... tuition, then guitar. i'm a dyslexic grade 6 guitarist man!! my sight reading sux big time.

wednesday.. hohoho.. we successfully pulled off a bowling outing. we played veri fast for 5 pple lor.. 1 game abt 35 mins.. so fast hahaha. got 2 lanes.. so confusing hus turn on hus lane lolol. but was veri fun. last time i bowled was like.. sec 1 at the end of the yr. its been 2 long yrs. enuf time for long nails to gro on my fingers. so that was a challenge not to break any. but heyhey!! i broke my hi score of 147.

1st game: 110, kena thrashed by brendan's 124.
2nd game: 118 (strange no. , wonder where i've seen it b4...) kena thrashed by bren again, wif his same score of 124.
3rd game: set a new record (in my brain) wif a score of 160!!! so happy =P even tho i missed my last ball altogether

aft that played pool. com pool and real pool are 2 diff things man. nothing beats the com one lol. com one easier to aim. the real one not onli mus u aim the white ball at coloured balls, u must also aim the stick at the white ball lolol. but the funny thing is that the com doesnt allow the balls to leave contact with the table (right jerel?!!?) lolol. fun.

aft that had youth meeting.

then today. woke up at 10:20. too tired already man. and i finally finished variation 1 of my mep composition. homework is inclusive of 1 theme and 2 vars. so now left 1 var. hurray. and my theme and var 1 actually sounds ok!! after 1.5 weeks of hard work. unlike some pple.. can sit on some snowy mountain for 1h can write 80 bars....

yea.. tts all for nowz. cya guys!!!


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