Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i realli cant wait for the holidays to begin and get away from school.. seriously school after exams is still taxing.. going to sch to do nothing for 6 hours is realli realli sian sometimes. hahah another reason why i cant wait for holidays is that i dun want to hear vulgarities anymore. honestly, the number of vulgarities i hear in one day of school is the number of vulgarities i hear in all the holidays in my LIFE (when calvin joined our class i think the number tripled). so u can get the idea. i jus realised its weird to have a word in your brain but not saying it. but i think with persistence and focus on God its possible to not stumble anyone by saying words that we shudnt.

yay the part of my brain that controls my left hand and note reading skills is finally working again!!!!!!! yay hahah so happy cos my mep prac is tml.. and i hope i reach my learning peak tml so i can score well hehe.

kk tts all for now. 2 mou days.


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