Tuesday, October 18, 2005

tml is the big day.

hahah im quite impressed with the school teachers.. they managed to get the scripts all marked and are going to give them ALL back to us tml, the 2nd day of going back to school after the marking days. hahah im not realli feeling scared yet.. cos i think i did quite okay, but theres realli no telling wad wud happen with the humans and lang arts. but its all in God's hands now and i cant do anything about it.

my guitar practising is more or less back on track ^^, except that i have sort of lost the barring (is that how u spell) strength that i used to have. it cant just be the tension of my strings hahah. so more practice!!

the thing thats at risk now is my theory grade 8.. i realli dunno if i can make it. jus now during piano lesson my teacher was trying to sight read a piece (probably by chopin) to let me hear the mood to guess which composer it was, cos i circled scarlatti by accident, hes a classical composer. chopin is a composer from the romantic period, so the extract had accidentals everywhere. hahah so by the time she reached the end i dint even realise it. like.. AIYO. so jus now i went to the piano sch downstairs to get a quotation, calling them back tml. i mean like.. let me pass theory grade 8 at least.. hahah.

ok. more reports tml. cya


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