Saturday, October 08, 2005

hey!! the first tragic phase of exams are over!! heres a summary.

Day 1.
paper 1: LA 1.
or so i thought. i walked in bracing myself for a 1 and a half hour poem analysis and it turned out that IHS was actually the first paper!!!! wah freaked me out for a minute. but luckily i studied last nite.. so managed to get through it, altho i think i will onli score 12/20 for the hypothesis question cos we were supposed to write about conflict resolution in a homogeneous society with reference to Singapore and one other country. the problem is that i dint learn one other country lolol.

paper 2: the real LA 1. everyone was rearing and prepared to the the poem. who knew the poem which was set was onli 16 lines long. usually its abt 20+ lines so everybody ended up choosing the prose. hahah but i still did the poem anyway, and dissected every single word in it so that i had a 2 3/4 page essay. but some crazy pple i heard wrote wad.. 4 pages on the prose? lol. nvm i felt it was quite ok.

Day 2.
Paper 3: Physics.
yes i dint get the order of papers wrong this time. buargh this physics paper was an absolute killer!!! there wasnt one question that was taken from a tys. and all the questions were so long and so tricky!! i had to read the qns several times b4 i understood it.. and that lead me to not having enuf time to think about the answers.. i guessed my way thru half of the mcq qns.. and at the end i jus blotted in two boxes which i dint noe with option C when alistair said stop writing.. :( im hoping for moderation. this paper was just trying to induce nightmares in us.

Paper 4: Core Maths 1. ok at least this one was rather doable. quite simple after that killer physics, but the air con in the auditorium was killing me. there were onli a few qns i dint noe and i made 1 careless mistake of not reading qn properly and there was this 4 mark qn i realised how to do in the last minute.. the polygon one. i did part (a) and started on part (b) and the time ran out!! ahh my 2 marks. in this sorta exams 2 marks means a lot.

Day 3.
paper 5: LA 2
fortunately wad i studied came out.. and was the most basic question possible for tfa so yay. hahah but my mark will be nothing special.. cos i did the qn everybody did but nvm i will get a safe mark.

Day 4
paper 6: chem
was anticipating a killer paper like physics.. but forunately a reasonable paper was set so i cud do most of the qns (wif of cos a few careless mistakes that i feel like smashing the paper for). hahah then in the middle of the exam carol low started giving out certs for some austrialian chem quiz we took earlier this year.. and i got quite a shock when i saw 'high distinction' on my cert. hahah gave me a mental block in the middle of the exam for a minute. im going to shake hands wif the drong nxt wk!! hahah. pity im not taking chem nxt yr.

nxt wk is chinese on monday, then a maths paper a day until thursday and it will be over!!


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