Friday, October 21, 2005

wow. today was a day that i will not forget. and the rest of 4.15 either.

the day started with habitat talk or dunno wad.. then the boring (or rather amusing) colloquim. hahah my first time presenting something in front of the sch. but man the air con in the audi was siao.. i was shivering. but fortunately managed to get thru the presentation without much malu wif dawids help.

the highlight of today was the pizza to celebrate the birthdays of the pple wif birthdays in the holiday and li jin's farewell. the touching part was when everyone was required to say something. from bharats nonsense to loh we fong's and thiru's comments and speech, i cud see many who were veri touched and you may not have noticed it, but i think some were holding back tears. (hahah dun u think pat soo is cute wif no voice... but thats beside the point)

back in last year, our class was one of the most dysfunctional, simply cos we dint have any realli loud or noisy or crazy pple in our class (u noe the sort hu can stand on stage and malu for 20 minutes and not even realise they are so malu), so we were kinda sluggish in getting class projects done and there were too many different cliques in our class. hahah last year we dint even give our teachers a teachers day present lolol.

this year however, we somehow screwed up our seating right from the beginning of the year but that helped to forge a class spirit and also the teachers were realli great in remembering everyones birthday. hahah i think our class still hasnt changed from the way it was, brendan is still the quiet poor thing boi hu kena sabohed like siao.. its realli not easy being a chairman and taking everybodys responsibilities when there are class projects or when the class misbehaves. wei han is still the mad halo player he was, and ming xuan is still the maths hero but all the quiet ones have opened up this year to bond more wif the class and share views during LA lessons and i think that rox.

our class has realli come a long way to forge realli strong relationships and im glad about that.. pity we are all going to split up becos of our varying subject combies, and li jin going to australia to study. better own everybody there in physics, chem and maths ar hahah. i may have topped the class and i thank God for that, but at the end of my life on my death bed i dun think i wud want to see that piece of plastic or paper that says i topped the class of 4.15 in 2005, but i wud want to call up old frens and talk to them again, and relive the old memories of my youth.


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