Friday, October 14, 2005

hey!! hahah i jus read my jan 3 post this year and i feel like blogging again!! lolol

the exams are over and i disagree that theres nothing to do. hahah. today was the diao mep lesson and everybody was super cranky. and everybodys memory was limited to 3 words. hahah.. seriously i forgot everything i learnt in mep liao.. all given back to li yen see.

hahah today i feel like blogging about an issue we will all face nxt yr: intake of female students. firstly, 80 onli. leaving us wif a guy:girl ratio of about 1:3. thats like worse than primary sch when rgs was nxt to henry park (parents wud send their girls to rgs and boys to hpps) so u can sorta imagine. last time in primary sch there was like.. severe segregation i think. no contact allowed. lol. so all the more dreaming of coming to an all guys or going to an all girls sch.

for 4 years we acs pple go retarded releasing fire extinguishers and wrestling and destroying stuff and then we leave this place where changing in class is normal and go to a totally different environment. i think everything is realli going to change politically and some pple wud start acting different, and i think i wud too. of cos the new environment is going to be realli weird compared to other jcs becos of the weird guygirl ratio but i hope it wud still be ok wif the weird ties and all.

hahah one of the things i have been thinking about is how our class will socialise wif the girls. altho its funny i hope i do ok.. i dun think i will get like.. too nervous when interacting LOL. and i realli want to see how pple like marcus lim, moli, zq, brendan and all the others interact too hahah. will be real interesting.

but until then, theres other stuff to do first. like sleep.. hahah gdnite


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