Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hey again. super tired.

paper 7: MT 1:
muahaha chinese standard level is super easy. its like some extract from PSLE

paper 8: MT 2:
oh no the compo isnt as easy.. the questions are realli ambigious and theres no clear format given on how to write.. but heck la

paper 9: Core Maths 2:
quite ok.. except for a few careless answers and misreads (hollow cone. somehow i jus dun understand the meaning of that word)

paper 10: Ad maths 1
this paper was veri nonsensical in my opinion. some qns are realli mad like qn 6 and 7.. my qn 6 dy/dx didnt match the one they gave altho i clearly noe my dy/dx is correct. qn 7.. how do u e^e^3?!? hahah once i reached that point i gave up.

its one more paper tml then its all over!!! yay. but they are still drilling and renovating the unit upstairs so i wun have any peace and quiet :( but it doesnt matter. the first thing i want to do after tml is.. play neopets!! haha cos its bori day tml and i own a bori.

yeapyeap. jus a thought: why does alistair chew always tell us we have 2 minutes left?!? my critical thoughts always come in the last minute and i am somehow able to solve a qn i have been thinking thru for the whole paper in the last minute then suddenly he starts talking and i dun finish (eg. core maths 1). hahah it wud realli help if i had the last 2 minutes all to myself.

23 more hours. byebye


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