Saturday, October 29, 2005


ytd was the last day of sch and finally got to know our class. so its goodbye 4.15 noah and hello 5.6 judges. i think nxt year my class is going to be sorta like a repeat of .15 cos everyone there is generally the quiet type i think. but i dunno.. cos ytd our class tentatively had 6 pple cos everybody was on IBA. but a good thing for me is.. i got RYAN HUANG in my class!! muhahah. got mousey too yay. dun noe hu the ct is, and the pcts are pat thong and yeap kar wai. hahah yeap kar wai told us that since our 3 class teachers are all female shes assuming our class will be full of girls -.- but i dunno how true that will be.

hahah i think the distribution of classes was quite funny.. i will onli be seeing ryan for one subject - english. and there are some classes wif funny combos of pple inside.. like davids class, got weihan, ivan cheng, admund, zheng hao.. its going to be havoc lol. and also paul and kenneth lui ended up in the same class. i think God has a purpose for them ;)

oh yeah.. yingda if ur reading this.. if u enter nxt year and take music, u will end up wif either yofattz, chung and cheong or me oliver and jeremy. all the best for ur o lvls.


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