Monday, October 24, 2005

hihi. today was a boring day.. brendan was sick and timmy ponned sch (!!)

was super tired after sch today.. went home to sleep and woke up feeling cranky then went to my guitar teacher's hse for final practice b4 thursday's mep prac. this time lesson was right smack at 6pm (my dinnertime) so i ate dinner at 6:45 after lesson at mcdonalds, first time in a long time ^^ hahah now i feel fat.

but the highlight of my day has to be seeing a real live conman!! LOL.

if i were to write a letter to sunday times forum, heres how it wud be like.

Conmen, please make your motives less obvious
one weekday evening i got onto a crowded 165 bus at ang moh kio. behind me, a normal looking chinese man got on and started asking the bus driver to give him a free trip, as thieves had supposedly snatched away stuff like his watch, wallet and ez-link card. so he needed a free ride you see. hahah i dont noe wad the bus driver did, but he had seen his fair share of this sorta pple. but that time i still not sure lah.

later, i heard someone sitting behind me on the second deck of the bus asking the lady in front of him in chinese whether he could have 80 cents cos he dint have enuf to get home from clementi central or something like that. hahah that sorta confirmed it. of cos the lady dint agree, good for her. i think he also tried to ask me by calling 'hello, sir' to me but i daoed him cos can argue that i am not a sir yet. then to my surprise, an elderly man sitting further in front on the second deck came back to the conman and told him in chinese that he had already given him money and that he shudnt cheat anyone else (!!)

hahah so as u can see, conmen all over singapore need to develop new strategies and make their motives less obvious. when u try to con pple, at least try not to do it 4 times on the same bus. this guy seemed more of a joke to me than a nuisance, but for the sake of the general public, what are some of the measures we can take to guard against such pple? and are there any policies guarding against this sort of pple?

-Chen Yi, 16

hahah in my opinion, i think i wud have given him a long long lecture in my suck chinese about why he shudnt con pple. but honestly, i dunno how these pple can afford to lose so much face by trying to obtain small amounts of money from pple which are obviously not meant for bus rides home.

yeapyeap. hilarious. hahahah


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