Tuesday, March 01, 2005

hey yall.

the reason y ive been missingin blogging action this few days is cos of depression. as in.. i nvr been this depressed since p. sch. should i disclose y? i dunno.. i feel my life has turned upside down. i've realised how much time sitting in front of the com wastes. i mean, i stay away from the com for one nite.. and i manage to finish mugging for 2 tests like it was nth. and my parents have found out abt lots of the crap tt i do. like im goign to take mc to ponn st johns camp (but ur parents dun noe rite? ;P)

i think my sadness has turned me into a veri blunt person. somehow now i cant stand pple hu tell me they cant do smth. i mean.. jus do it lah. no need to tell me u cant. wadeva.

everytime when there is release of exam results, like psle, o lvl, alvl, i find it veri ironic tt the media onli interview those pple hu score high high in the exams.. and say wad.. oh the no. of failures is xx%.. less than last yr. the media doesnt show wad happens to those pple hu dun make it. for wadeva purposes. imagine u are oneof those hu dint make it... and everytime u see the tv screen or npp front page u see rgs pple crying in tears of joy when urs are tears of sadness. the irony. man i dun even understand wad im writing.

anyways, todays founders day was great fun.. mass crap session man. lol. balloons flying, books flying, mass stampede... so tts wad acs pple do every 5 years.

my life is still in an utter mess.. trying to pick up the pieces. this is onli the beginning. ugh im uttering crap.


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