Monday, March 07, 2005

ok all u despo blog readers hu dun even update ur own blogs..

nth much happened over the 3-day weekend.. forgot to bring home my a maths tb and forgot that the fizzix assessment papers existed. so wad do i do? play abt 1 1/2h of guitar a day.. sleep 3h a day.. lalalALALALlalalala. lol.

anyway.. i jus got a new fone an hour ago!! nokia 6020. its farnie how my father always buys fones without consulting me first lol. and its ironic that my iso topic small print in advertising involves studying newspaper advertisements, especially handphone ads. i dunno.. but to me nokia fones all look the same lol. this one is ok lah.. not cheap too.. anyways, they've improved a bit lah. the camera has outgrown the 3200 age and the fone looks better than wad u see in the newspapers. realli... even better than on the box. at first i was a bit skeptical but now i realise its real cool. :)

also tried new guitar strings.. savarez high tension.. it takes time to get used to ur guitar. but i think its starting to sound okay.. veri nice control.

dunno man.. i realli dunno how i feel now. tml sch starting again. lala. okay then.. cya all.


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