Sunday, March 20, 2005

hello everybody!~!~

jus came back from masterclass wif Maestro Carlos Bonell. basically u pay him $50 to let him hear ur piece and comment on it, play stuff for u, and tell u how to improve. quite worth it lah.

on appearing at the studio, i find out tt im the first to play.. and it starts in 5 min. so.. my brain goes into nervous overdrive lah. usually i go into nervous overdrive then calm myself a bit then play.. but this time got no time to calm myself.. so i jus tune my guitar.. strum 1 D chord for tuning check.. and.... i'm off. its indescribable.. the nervous feeling. theres a nervous feeling for performance, for exam.. but for masterclass got different one. somehow my ring finger on left hand stopped working.. so i basically screwed up all my trills lol. and all my running notes. haha in all.. roadkill.

then the comments.. honestly hes a veri nice guy.. i play until like dunno wad but still say gd stuff abt me.. he has a lot of interesting stuff to say.. all pieces have 'hooks' like in a story.. tt leads u to the nxt page. yeah. and also taught me a lot abt phrasing.. and also the super cool ritardando in time.

the masterclass is like some family gathering haha.. onli abt 15 pple showed up.. and i recognise or know half of them. its super cool man. and oso a lot of funny stuff happened.. my mind block until like a drain liddat.. he ask wad key the piece modulate to i oso dunno.. HAIYOH!! lol. i think my sec 2 fren probably played better than me lol.

yah in all veri fun... enjoyed it thoroughly altho i think i was like a joke haha.. hope to do more stuff like this nxt time =P


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