Thursday, March 10, 2005

hey everyboday!!

wah im super exhausted now.. jus came back from my guitar teacher's house in ANG MOH KIO.. 1h from sch there, and 45min from there home. ugh. felt like puking on the bus ride back.. lousy pok 165 bus.. lol. anyway, my guitar teacher told me i can play in a master class nxt sunday evening!! haha my first time. a master class is basically where u churn out a reasonable sum of marney in order to have some pro dude hear u play a piece and comment on it. in front of a live audience. so excited!! haha. the funny thing is tt for the first bit of this year, i have no pieces in my performing repertoire.. so im gonna play a piece tt i learned in less than a month.. grade 8 ABRSM piece called Arabe Capricho. ^^

yeah tts abt it.. i think tonite i wun do any work man.. supposed to study chinese but... my brain is jammed. badly.

hope tagboard repairs itself quickly!! ^^^


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