Sunday, March 27, 2005

kay lah kay lah.. sorrie for keeping u all waiting for so long lolz. dun u all miss the days where i used to blog everyday...... haha. i think tts nt as fun as if i blog once a while in a long while. distance makes the heart grow fonder. lol.

yeah.. basically after ponning monday and tuesday, nth much has happened.. many free periods due to ib interviews and stuffs.. other than that.. no mep.. so basically this wk was quite slack larh. but somehow i dun feel tt way.. still cant realli sleep well except for thursday nite.. mhmm.

ytd i basically spent the saturday slacking off.. alternation btwn tv, com, guitar, sleep. noticed a lot of goofy stuff in the newspapers.. like how my $340 phone dropped to $98. and how some guy classified a mercedez benz ad under mazda. lolol. urh ok wadeva. haha.

yeah.. nth much u wud find abt my life tts of worth.. cya =P


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