Thursday, March 03, 2005

hey all. i take this quick time to blog for those pple hu thing something tragic happened to me.

nono, im nt dead, then y wud i still be blogging?!? -.- anyways, its jus the chinese C5. got a big scolding for it man. today, linghui has passed the verdict tt all those hu scored b4 and below MUST drop. her other side of teh verdict says tt 'if the rest of u wan oso can' and so now left jia qing and dunno hu else taking higher.

anyways, for all of u out there hu actually had the thought of taking higher, even if u got a b3, go ahead and take lah. dun be so easily influenced.. jus becos our class is so slack and everybody is dropping doesnt mean u must drop too.. dun always let wad others do affect wad u realli want. and dun be so easily influenced. took me a long long time for me to realise this again.

anyways, tt c5 pushed me on to actually finishing studying for teh 2 tests ahead of time, do r and j and a lot of other hw which pple wud simply overlook.. and it oso made me how much time sitting in front of the com wastes. as in.. im wasting time blogging lor =P

yeah.. anyways, i think i'll be back to my nerdy days of primary sch for a while.. under the scrutiny of my parents.. wont be playing halo for a while too.. lost my touch in 2 days. yeah. cya all.


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