Saturday, March 19, 2005

guess hus back.

guitar camp was realli realli siao man. jus siao. my mind is still at a loss wad to blog abt it.

okay the first day went quite okay-ly.. onli thing i remember tt happened in the morning was dun hao flipping his slipper off his foot... onto the roof tiling outside the classroom corridor.. it sorta slipped down and stopped right at the edge.. so tt a broom cudnt reach it lol. we tried spraying water at it (dint work) then aft tt some guy tied a piece of plastic to a broom and woohoo.

first and last nite as sec 4s doing nite games... amazing race style. i dunno man.. but i think each station was real slack.. jus tt u put the (8) stations far far apart from each other.. and make one of them chasing chin leong.. and somehow becomes a nitemare for the participants. lala. made them do lots of funny stuff, which we tried ourselves.

yeah.. the rest of day was practising.. then fell asleep at 2 tt nite.. wake up again at 5am in the morning wif stomachache... there were several causes lah.. dinner was mcspicy double, supper was kaya and coconut bun.. and aft tt i go drink green tea. cudnt sleep after tt... then had gastric the nxt day until evening. ugh. realli got all cranky during practices.. was anyhow playing everything.

after a nite where we finally managed to sleep (thx to me hu turned off the aircon at 4am), we sec 4s wake up saturday morning the latest at 7:45am.. when the actual time we shud be awake was 7:30. lol. we are one slack bunch.. the sec 2s and 3s were awake b4 us lor.

after breakfast had small grp presentation.. i went to choose 4 seasons by vivaldi arranged for guitar for us 5 pple to play, which was seriously wrong. tutti 5 of us playing. solo 4 of us playing. haha if u all noe wad im saying. anyway, we screwed up big time cos we were one of the few grps hu chose to learn a new piece.. i even cut out 2 pages for them nt to play lol. the score was 9 pages long.

yeah.. i think this camp was a success.. even how SLACK it was. even so.. i played guitar so much tt there is a dent in my middle finger nail now.. but i think can still make it for tml's masterclass. erm.. and i've had enuf of aircon for a long time.. i packed tshirts and shorts.. i think must advise the nxt grp to pack warm clothing.. lol.

yeah. and going to the toilet at 5am is no joke.



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