Tuesday, March 29, 2005

hello again. today i hav something interesting to blog abt. haha.

besides the usual fated cursed chem pracs (today i broke a test tube by stirring a mixture wif a glass rod.. stir stir stir and piang.. a hole appears in the bottom of the test tube and all the toxic organic solvent and halogens spills onto the table. yay.) and other normal lessons.. some other interseting thing happened.

today i was supposedly caught 'sleeping' during Introduction to Human Societies lecture.. okay lah.. maybe its because my specs are too thick.. maybe its because i was looking too stone.. k lah i admit.. i wasnt realli tt interested in urban planning.. maybe its becos i dint make eye contact the whole lesson.. maybe he doesnt like my face.. =P

heres wad happened.. described graphically in slow motion.. the teacher suddenly pauses, walks up to my table, i see his eyes staring at mine (as u can see im nt sleeping) then i think he cud be wanting to tap my table to ask me a question or smth. instead he whacks my table wif such force tt it collapses and everything falls to the floor. (LT tables quite easy to fall.. nt surprised it did) then theres silence from everybody while i slowly pick up my stuff.

my feelings? i din feel anything.. lol. normally pple wud get pissed lah. not sleeping oso still wake pple up. lololol. well.. when these type of stuff comes my way in life.. i jus take it as a joke lah. stuff tt u read off blogs. stuff tt u tell ur friends jokingly.. tts wad this type of incidents are.

yeah.. hope i showed Christian qualities today. cya. :P

always stay awake during lectures. O.O


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